An ultra high performance mining computer obsessively engineered to deliver the world’s highest ROI in GPU mining.
Features GPUs manufactured by ProHyper for ultra stable operation under abusive conditions, the DecimaX 570 will deliver dual mining performance of 224mhs on Ethereum and 3000Mhs on Sia. If you have ever assembled your own GPU machine, then you know how unstable and frustrating GPU mining can be, especially when you need to scale. The DecimaX is the absolute pinnacle of engineering with rapid ROI and state-of-the-art performance & stability equal to the best ASIC equipment. 
At the heart of the DecimaX 570 are custom ProHyper GPUs that have been engineered from a blank slate specifically for 24/7 operation in extreme temperatures. Other graphic cards cannot deliver this performance because they were designed for video games and other applications and were not intended to be run at full capacity around the clock for several years in a row.
An intuitive, user friendly interface allows anyone to set-up in minutes without having to learn any special commands or instructions. The ProHyper interface will walk you through the set-up by asking simple questions and will allow you to configure performance and choose among multiple digital assets to mine such as Ethereum (including dual mining with Sia), Monero, Bitcoin Gold, Zcash, and others. As new ASIC-resistant blockchains emerge your ProHyper machine will continue to offer years of trouble-free high-performance operation. 

DecimaX RX570 8GB


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