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Obsessively optimized for extreme durability in all conditions. Perfected for stable 24/7 operation. Maximizing profitability and contributing to decentralization.

Performance Right Out of the Box

At ProHyper, we are obsessively committed to developing the hardware that enables the most efficient and stable mining of emerging digital assets while making a marked contribution to decentralization. 

While Bitcoin will always be the most important blockchain because it is the one that started the revolution, new emerging assets, particularly new ASIC-resistant algorithms serve an important role in society. By owning and operating mining equipment, you are making a major contribution to the world by decentralizing the operation of these blockchains and eliminating potential points of weakness. The faster that we gain critical mass and adoption, it is much more likely that the coming regulatory environment will be friendly to cryptocurrency as it will become (as it already is) impossible to stop.


Cryptocurrency is so important for human freedom and equal economic opportunity for all. It is the difference between living in a police state where a government bureaucrat can seize your assets with a click of a button or having control over your finances and enjoying the privacy that the blockchain offers for financial and other needs. 


We hope that you enjoy rewarding profitability while making the world a better place.

ProHyper RX570
Fast Performance
Maximize Profits
Stable Operation
Designed in the USA
Fast World-Wide
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The world’s most advanced GPU mining hardware manufacturer.

World-class engineering and innovative solutions enable to extract meaningful performance increases over comparable products which results in tremendous gains when scaled to large operation.


The profitability of our GPU mining computers is unmatched as a result of higher performance, ultra high stability & competitive cost - and industry's most user friendly interface.

A custom interface allows anyone to set up and configure the miner without having to learn special commands and spending weeks with frustrating set-up. Our custom interface allows anyone to set-up and configure the miner in ​just minutes.

100% perfect & stable operation under the most punishing conditions.

All power supplies, mother board, memory, risers, ​and other components​ have been custom developed to insure 100% perfect and stable operation under the most punishing conditions. As your operation grows and heat increases exponentially, this is critical for operational stability. ​

"Soon, mining will be immorally profitable"

- John McAfee, founder of McAfee® Antivirus


Our Products

ProHyper is the only GPU mining hardware company that manufactures its own specialty graphics cards

these have been specifically constructed for 24/7 operation for years, in abusive conditions. 

Our RX570 and RX580 already ship with a custom BIOS (Quantum Optimizer®) that extracts the highest possible hash rate of any RX570 or RX580 in production.


Stability is everything when it comes to scaling a GPU mining operation. All of our graphic cards have an identical memory chip, regardless of batch. Our RX570 always comes with the HC25 Samsung memory which is ideal for mining and most importantly there is not variation from card to card, no matter how many pieces you buy or when you buy. This allows you to scale and order large quantities of GPUs without having to re-program your rigs to accommodate different memory chips and losing critical stability. 

ProHyper DecimaX RX570

DecimaX RX570

An ultra high performance mining computer obsessively engineered to deliver the world’s highest ROI in GPU mining.

Features GPUs manufactured by ProHyper for ultra stable operation under abusive conditions, the DecimaX 570 will deliver dual mining performance of 224mhs on Ethereum and 3000Mhs on Sia. If you have ever assembled your own GPU machine, then you know how unstable and frustrating GPU mining can be, especially when you need to scale. The DecimaX is the absolute pinnacle of engineering with rapid ROI and state-of-the-art performance & stability equal to the best ASIC equipment. 

At the heart of the DecimaX 570 are custom ProHyper GPUs that have been engineered from a blank slate specifically for 24/7 operation in extreme temperatures. Other graphic cards cannot deliver this performance because they were designed for video games and other applications and were not intended to be run at full capacity around the clock for several years in a row.


An intuitive, user friendly interface allows anyone to set-up in minutes without having to learn any special commands or instructions. The ProHyper interface will walk you through the set-up by asking simple questions and will allow you to configure performance and choose among multiple digital assets to mine such as Ethereum (including dual mining with Sia), Monero, Bitcoin Gold, Zcash, and others. As new ASIC-resistant blockchains emerge your ProHyper machine will continue to offer years of trouble-free high-performance operation. 

DecimaX RX580

Pushes the mining performance even higher by offering an ultra stable 255Mhs + 3500Mhs while dual mining Ethereum & Sia

No other GPU miner on the market will match this performance and stability. Do not waste your time with cheap imitations that advertise false hash-rates or machines that freeze and go down several times a day completely destroying your ROI. There is no substitute for the original - ProHyper obsessively engineered mining hardware with nothing left to chance. 

ProHyper DecimaX RX580

At the heart of each unit are custom ProHyper RX580 GPUs that have been engineered from the ground-up specifically for mining with custom BIOS and other components to extract the optimal combination of speed and stability. 


The ProHyper intuitive and user friendly interface allows you to set-up in and start mining in minutes. You can now leave behind the frustration and expense of dealing with components designed for video games and focus on scaling a professional GPU mining operation. 

ProHyper RX580 Card

Simply the best and

most robust RX580

on the market

Every last drop of performance has been extracted from this GPU while preserving ultra high stability which is essential for a successful mining operation, especially at scale. Look no further than the ProHyper RX580 for your mining needs and expect the world's highest ROI. ​

World’s only RX570 engineered specifically for 24/7 operation under the most punishing conditions.

The BIOS architecture is loaded with our Quantum Optimizer® to extract the last bit of performance right out of the box.

Each GPU is 100% identical from batch to batch, always with the same memory chip. It is impossible to construct a stable machine if you purchase several GPU and all have different memory (installed by manufacturer depending on availability). As a result, every RX570 you buy has significant variation from batch to batch. With ProHyper not only do you get the optimal GPU for mining but identical architecture each and every time, no matter how many pieces you buy.

ProHyper RX570 card
ProHyper RX570 card

The Ultimate Mining GPU: P104

Incredible hashrate

Small factor

Excellent Power Efficiency

Outstanding ROI

And yes, Overclock lovers rejoice!

To be the ultimate mining GPU, it needs to be quiet. 

Yes, that too!

ProHyper has the optimal solutions

Whether your needs are large or small, we offer the highest

profitability with the least frustration of operating mining equipment. 

In House Mining

If you do not want to take delivery and operate your own rigs, they can be operated and managed at enterprise level with redundant networking, monitoring, self-healing capabilities, and 24/7 uptime for a small management fee.

Customer Site Mining Operation

Mining Rigs purchased through ProHyper will be shipped to customer site preconfigured with our custom Remote Management Device (RMD).  Once customer plugs in the unit to in-house network and powers on, we will be able to remotely manage all aspects of the mining operation. Our custom monitoring software will be able to detect inefficient mining operations, network outages, hardware failures, frozen systems, etc. and then take appropriate measures to remedy the situation while notifying ProHyper as well as the client.

We also offer consulting for large mining farms.

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