Frequently asked questions

What is the best voltage to use for mining equipment?

Compared to the 110 - 120V standard in North America, 240V is a far more efficient electrical circuit that draws much less current and therefore can power more equipment and simultaneously provides higher safety (if you are drawing less current, the wires carrying electricity do not get as hot). If you can remember back to your high school physics class, Ohm’s law dictates that Power = Voltage x Current. Therefore by increasing voltage (with the same current carrying capacity you already have) a 240V circuit can supply twice as much power. In a practical sense this means that if you can only run one or two mining computers on a 120V line (before tripping the circuit breaker), you will be able to run at least 4 machines if you connect them to a 240V line. For this reason, we recommend that all customers who mine from home have an electrician come out and for a small fee provide multiple 240V circuits which would increase the safety and stability of your operation, and will usually save on electrical costs as well. If you intend to run more than 4 mining computers at your location, the small fee you will pay to the electrician to give you 240V jacks will be worth many times the expense and allow you to run many more machines on the same electrical line coming into your location.

What are the main differences between GPU and ASIC mining?

An ASIC (application specific integrated circuit) mining machine is a computer designed to perform only a single function, as efficiently as possible. This means that an ASIC cannot be used for anything else; it cannot run Windows or Linux or any other application but it will process the algorithm for the cryptocurrency it was designed to mine faster than any other machine. Whereas a GPU mining computer uses high performance graphics cards in a configuration that uses a basic computer architecture and so the machine will also have a CPU, motherboard, RAM, and other standard computer components. This machine therefore offers flexibility and can perform any computer function and can also be set to mine a selection of various cryptocurrencies and ASIC-resistant algorithms.

What are the main advantages and disadvantages of GPU mining compared to ASIC mining?

In general it is thought that GPU mining is a lower risk CapEx investment simply due to the fact that models of worst case scenario outcomes show that if the entire cryptocurrency market crashed then the GPU machines can be repurposed to perform other valuable computing functions and the graphics cards themselves have demand on the gaming market and other general computing markets. In this worst case scenario outcome, an ASIC miner would have no use at all and its value would go to zero. However, in a large scale mining operation we recommend to diversify by running both ASIC miners and GPU miners which then broadly covers many different outcomes. One major factor that plays into profitability and which is not shown by the profitability calculators is that the stability of a mining computer is absolutely critical in order to generate the expected profits. Usually ASIC miners, since they are only designed to do one thing tend to be more stable for 24/7 operation. However, at ProHyper we have developed ultra-stable mining computers that have the same stability and operation as an ASIC. This means that your GPU machines from ProHyper will mine 24/7 without any interruption, freezing, or other issues commonly experienced by GPU miners.

What is the profitability of ASIC miners vs. GPU miners?

Profitability is a dynamically adjusting value that depends on 3 primary parameters: the cost of the digital asset you are mining; the network difficulty (or the number of machines competing with you worldwide); and the speed of your mining computer (the hash-rate). As such, this makes mining both challenging and incredibly exciting. Even though ASIC miners will always be faster than GPU miners, all other miners in the network are hashing at the same speed as you are, thereby overtime an ASIC would have no advantage. If you are mining a ASIC-resistant algorithm then everyone in the network is bound by the same mining speed. However, because a GPU mining computer is also more versatile and allows mining dozens of different algorithms, you can also achieve more consistent returns in times of strong market volatility.

What kind of profits can I expect from GPU mining?

As mentioned previously, mining is a very dynamic industry and your profitability is also greatly affected by how and how frequently you convert mined digital assets into fiat. Some mining operators continuously sell off in real time whatever is mined on a daily basis. Others will mine for months and accumulate all the mined coins until they rise in value. For example, if you start mining Ethereum when it is $400 per Ether and sell it daily, you will earn 3 times less profit per month than a someone who mines Ethereum and then waits until it reaches $1500 per Ether before selling any coins. Some people use some combination of both and sell just enough mined assets to cover their overhead and hold the rest. There are many different strategies to use to maximize your earnings, some of which can be quite sophisticated. However, we have seen market conditions where the cost of mining hardware is covered after just 3 months of use and as long as 10 months. (Either way, consider what it would be like if you could rent out your house and after just 10 months of collecting rent, you have paid out the entire cost of the house. Indeed mining, if done right and with attention to detail is a remarkable business opportunity).

What is the advantage of ProHyper mining hardware compared to other competitors?

We aim to be the global leader in GPU mining which is a very challenging category to maximize performance, stability, and scalability. First, unlike any other company that supplies GPU mining equipment, ProHyper manufactures its own graphic cards which are specifically optimized for mining with stable 24/7 operation. Most Nvidia and AMD cards were built for gaming and the designers did not envision that these cards would need to run around the clock for years at a time. Our ProHyper graphic cards have been specifically built to this standard. In addition, you will find that if you have purchased RX570 cards (some of which are great for mining) that in a batch of 10 cards you may have up to 6 different memory types. It is impossible to build a stable rig if you have variation in memory from GPU to GPU. When you purchase a ProHyper RX570, not only does it have engineering designed for 24/7 operation but every single memory chip is always the same regardless what batch you have purchased it from. It is always Samsung HC25 and you can reliably expect that no matter how many RX570 cards you purchase, it will always be identical from one to the other. Our mining computers have been engineered the same way, to enable perfect 24/7 operation with ASIC like stability. That is because every part of our miner has been engineered for mining. When you look at those profitability calculators don’t forget that the calculator assumes that the machine will mine 24/7 without interruption. If the machine is not stable then the profitability calculator can be quite misleading.

I am not very tech savvy. Will I be able to set-up and operate a ProHyper machine?

Even tech savvy computer geeks have a tough time setting up a mining computer either in Windows or Linux. For this reason, we have designed a custom interface that simply walks you through the set-up in an intuitive manner by asking you questions like, “please select which currency you would like to mine”, or “enter your wallet address where you want your mining revenue deposited”, etc. You do not need to learn any special commands or other tricks to set-up and optimize your machine. If you can set-up an iPhone, you can set-up a ProHyper miner. Anyone can do it. Because the setup process is extremely user friendly and simple, you can focus on scaling your mining operation instead of dealing with the typical nightmare that you would encounter when setting up other machines.

What is your return policy?

If the unit is unopened, it can be returned within 14 days for a full refund. If the unit has been opened and used, it can be returned within 30 days with a 15% restocking fee minus shipping costs. Please contact us for an RMA number for any return you wish to make. If you have purchased any special clearance items, these sales are always final and products cannot be returned.

Does ProHyper supply and ship products to any country?

We have warehouse facilities in multiple locations around the world and we will ship and service products to any country.

What is the main difference between ProHyper and other brand graphic cards?

Other manufacturers never intended their cards to be used for cryptocurrency or data mining and certainly never optimized these cards for around the clock operation pushed to the limit of the microprocessor. These cards were developed for high performance graphic applications wherein normal use is for several hours at a time. When you hold a ProHyper graphics card in your hands, you will immediately feel the difference - it is massively overbuilt with giant heatsinks and the finest parts to withstand the kind of punishing conditions that are required for high performance mining for years at a time. We designed and built these cards from the ground up specifically for 24 hour per day operation, for years at a time. ProHyper graphic cards also feature our proprietary Quantum Optimizer™ BIOS optimized for the highest mining performance and profitability. This also does not mean that ProHyper cards are not great when used for graphics. As it turns out, this high end build with the finest parts available also means that ProHyper cards will also perform best for traditional graphic applications. You will experience beautifully rich and immersive VR environments and smooth gameplay with extraordinary resolution. Superior components result in better performance across all applications.

I want to open a large mining operation. How can ProHyper help me?

If you are looking for enterprise scale mining, please contact us at We can assist you with everything you need to scale, including blueprints and architecture of your facility, heat management, remote monitoring, power optimization, and anything else needed to meet your goals. We consult enterprise customers on sophisticated projects to help set-up a very lucrative operation that provides both a very high ROI and strengthens the decentralization of cryptocurrencies. Our supply chain is capable of rapidly turning around orders for thousands of units, even during period of constrained supply of GPU processors.

I want to start mining at home before investing in a dedicated facility. Is this realistic?

Many people operate mining equipment at home but there are limits to how much you can scale before needing to set up a dedicated space. The most challenging issues affecting mining as the number of units grows: heat management, power consumption, and noise. Heat is perhaps the most challenging aspect of scaling a mining operation because heat does not increase linearly but rather exponentially as more units are added. For example, if you have 4 mining computers running in a small room and then you double this number to 8, heat will not double but increase dramatically unless you have an efficient ventilation system. This happens because units suck in cool air and then blow out hot air. As you increase the number of units, since the temperature in the room is rising the adjacent units then start to suck in progressively warmer air and then blow out even hotter air and this cycle increases until the heat becomes unbearable. In addition, if you plan to operating mining computers at home you have to be aware of the amount of power that your apartment or home can supply before it is maxed out. On a typical 15amp 120V circuit you may be able to run unto 2 machines and unto 5 machines on a 240V circuit. Finally, as the number of units increases so does the noise level from the cooling fans ( although ProHyper machines are much quieter than most ASIC machines). As a rule of thumb, if you operate two machines in one room this is realistic. Any more than that, the ambient noise level will begin to bother you and so will the heat. If you have a room that you hardly spend anytime in, it is realistic to place 4 machines assuming you have sufficient electrical power to run them. If you are placing mining computers in a bedroom, we strongly advise you against anything more than one machine unless you are willing to sleep with ear plugs. If you have a garage and your home has 400amp service then you can probably add up to 40 machines and if your home has only 200amp service then you can add up to 20 machines. However, please note that in the summer the heat from 40 machines will become unbearable and so if you intend to run so many units in a garage you have to seriously plan for summer weather and come up with an effective cooling solution or ventilation system. At bare minimum you will need to have several powerful exhaust fans that will suck the hot air out of your garage. If you are lucky enough to live in a cold climate than all this will be much easier.

Are ProHyper products covered by warranty?

The ProHyper Limited Warranty covers all products and accessories against manufacturing defects for six months from the date you bought your product. Our warranty doesn't cover damage caused by accidents or unauthorized modifications.